You don't see webhook data

Written by Apiway
Updated 2 years ago

The most common mistake in webhook integration is to forget to send test data for Apiway to catch it.

You start setting up the web integration and see empty fields.

To correct this error you need to click 

"Update available fields"

You'll see the text

"Waiting for a webhook to retrieve fields from it. Waiting time: 3 minutes

Imagine that this is some kind of gateway that's ready to receive test data in 3 minutes. 

Now your task is to send a test data sample to the URL you see in the interface. You need to do this exactly at the moment of "opening the gateway". After 3 minutes it'll close and you'll have to open it again. 

Users often forget to "open the gateway" and send data to "the closed door". 

You need to send test data when the gateway is open.

In this video, you can see how to send webhooks from TypeForm to ConverKit. Exactly the same approach works with other software.

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