Adding a bot to the chat

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Updated 2 years ago

When setting up integration with Telegram, it's important to understand that all data is sent through the Telegram bot. But the Telegram bot cannot send messages directly to the user. It sends messages to the chat.

So you have to create a chat room and add there the Telegram bot which will send the messages.

In the picture below you can see the chat for notifications of new events in Calendly. You can use any other options you want. 

Added bot to this chat is a "telegramtestapi_bot" that is attached to Apiway.

You need to create your own bot

So you need to:

1. Create a Telegram bot in "BotFather" bot

2. Connect it to Apiway

3. Create a new chat room to receive data

4. Add the Telegram bot to this chat

5. Set up the integration on Apiway

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